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We strive to create a seamless balance of addressing your child’s issues while insuring that positive results are generalized to all environments.

  • Home Schooling Curriculum Assistance
    IDEA Associates and Academy are offering consultative remote learning curriculum services during this time of need. We understand the uncertainty and hesitation about sending your children back to school in the fall. Our team of professionals are here to help structure, supervise and execute home school and related service programs for your children within their home setting. Our teachers and therapists can organize and assist in facilitating learning opportunities for all subject areas and across all grade levels. Please reach out to us if you are considering home schooling for the upcoming school year and would like assistance in planning your child’s program.
  • Behavior / 1:1 Therapy
    At IDEA we provide 1:1 behavioral and academic services for children to help them gain skills that will ensure they reach reach their full potential in all areas of development. To accurately assess a child’s strengths and areas of concern, behavior plans are created. We initiate the process by conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment, then we implement a Behavior Intervention Plan for optimal success. Individualized programming is provided for children to reach their full potential.
  • IDEA Academy
    IDEA Academy is our full day school program built on the principals of IDEA Associates. Each student is assessed by the curriculum team to develop an individualized academic program that emphasizes social and classroom-based growth. Students will learn both 1:1 and in small groups to generalize all subject areas. In addition, related services (speech and occupational therapy), physical education, social skills groups, Pilates and weekly community outings will be integrated into students’ individual goals and daily schedules. We have a certified behavioral analysts on staff as well to supervise and implement ABA programming if the student requires that approach. IDEA Academy is committed to building confident and engaged learners. Our behaviorally sound yet nurturing approach emphasizes the importance of an individualized educational plan to create community learners. We look forward to connecting with potential new applicants and families. We are currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year on a rolling admissions basis. For more information or to schedule an intake please call: 212-249-3806 or email:
  • Special Education Itinerant Teacher (S.E.I.T.)
    At IDEA, when a child requires additional assistance in a specific school setting, IDEA can provide S.E.I.T. services to ensure every child is productively participating in all classroom areas of development, including behavioral, academic, and social skills.
  • Speech and Language Pathology
    Speech and language therapy at IDEA targets speech irregularities, expressive and receptive language issues, pragmatic language, articulation/phonology, auditory processing/executive functioning, fluency and feeding issues. We additionally offer speech evaluations/assessments in order to determine a child’s functioning level to facilitate the appropriate plan going forward to achieve optimal success through individual or group therapy.
  • Occupational Therapy
    Occupational Therapy Services at IDEA focus on improving fine motor and handwriting skills, visual motor and visual processing skills, gross motor and motor planning development, and sensory processing and integration. We additionally offer typing and executive functioning skill development, both individually and in small group settings. Consultations and evaluations are done in school, home, and community settings.
  • Social Skills Groups
    Social Skills Groups at IDEA are conducted on a weekly basis and are guided by Behavior Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Pathologists to help facilitate communication, social interactions and play based skills between children. IDEA is a safe place where children build and foster friendships, as well as voice their needs and concerns. Children are grouped by age and developmental abilities, and we target topics that can be challenging at home and at school. Groups do not exceed 3 - 4 children.
  • Academic Tutoring
    IDEA provides academic tutoring so our staff can target areas of concern/improvement for reading, writing, math, and other subjects that may be challenging. IDEA individualizes the content taught, based on your child’s individual needs. We collaborate and work closely with teachers and other professionals, to ensure areas of concern are being targeted appropriately. Our tutors are teachers who have been working with children for many years in math, reading, science and social studies as well as other subject areas.
  • School Placement Advice
    Whether your child is ageing out of a school or you are seeking other academic options, we at IDEA are able to guide you through this challenging process to best meet your child's needs.
  • Special Education Advisory, IEP and Expert Witness Testimony"
    At IDEA we strive to advise families on their rights concerning their child. We are available for IEP meetings and expert witness testimony for your child’s case in order to help you obtain reimbursement for services.
  • Parent / Childcare Training
    At IDEA we beleive a well rounded program works best for children. With this in mind, we provide parent training as well as training for all caretakers including but not limited to athletic instructores, swim teachers, and other professionals in order to create a seamless program for your child. This may also include siblings and any other adults who interact with the child.
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